The Social Recommendations App Designed To Destroy Yelp!

The Social Recommendations App Designed To Destroy Yelp!

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hayhY12, 12/13/2021

Very smart idea!

AdennaZ, 4/22/2021


corchadog, 1y ago

Better version of Yelp!
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What Is Sircles All About?

Positive Vibes Only

Sircles is a community of positivity and sharing.

Negativity, bullying and drama get checked at the door.

You can't always be positive all the time but in Sircles we are.

Be your best self.

How does sircles work?

How will sircles attract millions of users?

We won’t give away all our secrets but in short, we’re engineering for the network effect. Sharing feels good. We all love when a friend enjoys our movie recommendation or has a great time at a place we suggested. Mix in a fun, gamified experience with a positive feedback loop between Sircles users (consumers) and valuable local rewards from the businesses they love to share and Voilà!

How about some metrics?

  • The Sircles App has been opened over 3,700,000 times since our soft launch in February 2021

  • With an average 30 day retention rate of over 70%
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Where are we now?

Mountain climber on a cliff.

No turning back

Only way is up

One carefully placed hand at a time

We Stay Positive and Counting

Sircles is a positive environment where people come to find helpful recommendations from the people they trust.


Helpful Recommendations on Sircles

Why is the time right?

Yelp is a multi-billion dollar bully.

Yelp cares nothing for the small businesses they force onto their platform nor do they care about the rampant negativity and false reviews that threaten the reputation of many companies.

It’s no secret that Yelp is toxic. They pretend to care about small businesses and fair dealing—but you know the truth. Together we can drive Yelp out of our community and make the world a better place.

Investing 101 - Get in Early & Back The Big Winner

The second chapter of Sircles’ story is happening now! We are focused on long-term success and intend to deliver what Yelp and other social media claimed to care about but turned their back on —we’ll bring people together in a way that fosters positive interactions, sharing and trust.
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Get In Before Wall Street!

Don’t you wish you could have gotten in on Facebook, Netflix or Twitter before they went public? Well, now there’s a vehicle that allows the small investor to bet on promising startups before they hit it BIG!

WeFunder is a new concept that uses crowd funding to bring early stage investments to the public and has leveled the playing field for retail investors who want an alternative to Wall Street.
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Let's Make Money!!

Sircles is subscription based and aims to stay away from the ad based revenue model. When businesses claim their profile page (@20/mo), they unlock the ability to place coupons on a local map, gain full control over their profile, and get access to detailed analytics, such as which users have "favorited" their business. Very simple, affordable, and automated.

Meet The Team

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John Worthington

Co-Founder, CEO

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Todd Fiore

Co-Founder, CIO

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Daniel Hinkle

Co-Founder, COO

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Rob Williams

Strategic Advisor

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Dale Moss

Head of Social Impact

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Shawntelle Minear

EVP, Business Affairs

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Jordan Baldwin

Lead Investor & Consultant

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Lindsey Beehler

Marketing Manager

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