To Be a Positive Force for Positive Interactions

Sircles is recommendations from friends and people you trust. Store your favorite restaurants, movies, nail salon, etc... Easily find and map your friends' favorites. Get rewarded for sharing. Create your Sircle of Trust. No longer rely on Yelp reviews written by strangers. They are often fake or false. Sircles is, and always will be, a positive, sharing community.

Connect With Your Friends
Sircles connects you with your friends and family on a platform built entirely on positivity, sharing, and trust.

Support Your Favorite Businesses
Show support for your local businesses! Businesses you support will be recommended to your friends in Sircles.

Browse Your Friend’s Favorites
No more gambling on Google or Yelp reviews. Quickly find results you trust from the people who matter most—friends and family!

Share Recommendations
Do you know all the hottest local spots? Your favorites are now your trusted recommendations.